Khelo India Youth Games 2019: The 1st question is that What is Khelo India School Games 2019? Khelo India 2019 is a sports platform, which is organizing by the Indian Government. Now days Khelo India is a very trending topic in all over sports players. Khelo India is organizing the first time in India. Here many types of sports competition available. Khelo India Community will select 1000 Players and give them up to 5 Lakhs scholarship in 8 Years.

Khelo India Youth Games 2019

The mission of Khelo India School Game 2019 is the very biggest and keeping in mind future of sports. At this platform, every street players can show their talent in front of India. India is a very big country in the sense of sports. A lot of games are played in India. And also have many players playing talent But they can not keep their talents in front of India. Still in India only give importance only some Game. Like that Cricket, Football, Tennis, Wrestling etc. Now with the help of Khelo India Platform, We can know and focus other sports games.

Khelo India Registration Form 2019

Khelo India Registration 2019 has start. Khelo India will hell two place 1st is Pune 2nd is Delhi. On 09 Jan. 2019 Khelo India Youth School Games has start. Next Tournament will start on 31 Jan. 2019 to 8 Feb. 2019. You can check the Khelo India Registration form last date on official of Khelo India website. In this games only under-17 players can apply for registration. It is just for only those player who belong to 10-18 years old. If you want to register for School Games then you can go to Khelo India’s official website And register your all the details in Khelo India Registration Form 2019.

Khelo India Youth Games 2019

Khelo India School Games Sports List

In this Khelo India 2019 format listed total 16 Games. Those player play any game in the following 16 Games. Then you can apply for Registration. Khelo India has been invited to participate across 16 games, which are as follows: Archery, Athletics, Hockey, Judo, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Volleyball, Weightlifting, and Wrestling, Gymnastics, Shooting, Swimming.